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Ewr Light-Weighted Slider Plugin FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

1. Why isn’t there any option except specify file names and image links?

The main aim is being light-weighted. That's why there is no options.

2. How can I upload my image?

You can upload your image in Media Library. 

3. How can I find my image file name with location?

After you uploaded an image, you can right click the image then click “Copy image location”. Now you can paste it as a image name. P.S. You can delete your website domain. I mean if the pasted image name you can use /wp-content/uploads/ewr.jpg

If you have already uploaded your image and want to get the file name. Go to your Media Library. Then Click the image. You can copy the image URL on this page as well.

If you have any other question don’t hesitate to leave comment or reach me via email/social media. You can find all my information on the left.

Download Ewr Light-Weighted Slider Plugin

Ewr Light-Weighted Slider Plugin User’s Manual

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